What´s in a bingo site name?

With so many bingo sites to choose from on the internet what is it that attracts you to a brand in the first place? Is it word of mouth – your friends play there and they want to take advantage of a “Refer A Friend” scheme or simply that they have been lucky playing there and want to share their good fortune? For me and many like me it’s about the name. Let’s look at a couple of good and bad examples:

The Good

Foxy Bingo – forget the loveable creature that fronts all of the marketing for this brand just think of the name; Foxy, what does it say to you? For me it conjurs up images of an attractive woman, someone with a little something about them that is alluring and for this reason it’s a hit with me. I want to play at a site where I can be “foxy” because believe me, away from the virtual world, I’m far from it!

Think Bingo – another great name for a brand; you fancy a game then you “think” bingo! Nothing more, nothing less which makes this a brand name that sticks in your head.

The Bad

Back2School Bingo – what on earth where they thinking when they named this brand? School instantly makes you think children and one thing minors should not be doing is playing online bingo – this is one brand that needs to revisit the drawing board! (the site closed last year)

Up Your Bingo – I’m trying not to conjur up the poor quality of the advertising campaign on tv when I think about this brand but getting the whole “Up Yours” phrase stuck. Up yours is tantamount to telling someone to …… well you know where I am going with this! (closed as well)

The Ugly

As yet I have not come across any “ugly” bingo names but with new sites launching at an exponential rate it’s likely not to be too long before we have our first contender in the ugliest brand name for an online bingo site.

Are there any sites that you particularly like the name of or ones you really don’t get? Leave us a comment below!