5 Reel Multi Line Slots

The 5 Reel, Multi Line slot is the ultimate thrill machine for UK slots players. And the best news is that online 5 Reel Multi Line slots are far more profitable for the player than the slots you’ll find at a land based, or brick and mortar casino.

Multi Line Slots with Themes

These games allow the designers to really spread their wings and develop themes that can be as exciting as video games. TombRaider, from Microgaming is probably the all time most popular slot game in this or any other category.

Online, 5 Reel Multi Line slots usually start at 9 lines and go all the way to 40 or more lines. With a Multi Line slot the player can choose to simply bet one, or three, or five, or any number of available lines. Most also allow you to bet more than one coin per line. This means that all the possibilities are available on a single slot game! One penny one line for a penny spin, or up to £200 and more per spin for the truly adventurous!

Most of the games in this category are also Bonus slots, so the possibilities are endless for playing and winning. These games can be a real experience, so depending on your gaming machine, you may want to turn the sound up (make sure the subwoofer is connected) and play the slots in full screen mode! A good pair of headphones will suffice as well.

5 Reel Multi Line Slot Choices

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of these slots to choose from – each offering its own theme and possibilities.

However, for the player who prefers Microgaming casinos, and loves the original TombRaider, but doesn’t like the minimum five cent per line bet, there are ‘clones’ available of this slot (the exact same mechanical slot with different themes, sounds, graphics, etc.) with one cent per line minimums; these include Mermaids Millions and Jungle Jim.

All of the popular software platforms (Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Vegas Technology, etc.) release new games frequently – some as much as several games every month! This is the most popular category of slots online and on land, and with good reason –the thrills never stop!

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